LATEST #hdradiolive

In the beginning there was house and now there is Hdradiolive. This multimedia creation was the brainchild of three wise men who believed that the integration of all cultures in music is the only way for a true multi-cultural society to bloom within the inner cities. From London to Cyprus and from Jamaica to the USA, this will be one nation under a groove.

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Joking Aside is run by three men, some of whom are funny some of the time, or should that read none of whom are funny all the time or they all take it in turns to be funny. They do not pay their comedians in cash but rather in kind.

The club has been going for as long as any of the three can remember but they haven’t got very good memories.

This summer they will be taking things to The Secret Garden Party and have assured us that they may well get a bit creative for the Olympics.

For more information: JOKING ASIDE Presents: UP THE COMEDY JUNCTION @ Hysteria

578 Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4AH London, United Kingdom