Justice for Mark Duggan #hdradiolive.com

We have been quiet since the publication of the whitewashed IPCC report into the killing of Mark Duggan. We have been busy conducting our own investigations into their investigation. We are now ready to report back on a number of new revelations, some contained in David Rose’s explosive article revealing previously unpublished details on the role of the Mets Operation Trident in Mark’s death and the IPCC’s role in fanning the flames that led to the ‘riots’ of 2011

Hear Courtenay Griffiths, the UK’s leading black QC and judge, explain why there has to be a judge led public inquiry into the corrupt tactics of Operation Trident and it’s officers.

Join us as we launch the Justice for Janice Campaign, Janice is yet another Tottenham resident who was attacked by a police officer, whilst caring for her severely disabled child in Great Ormond Street Hospital. The attack was so severe that the officer was charged yet acquitted at Crown Court even though two police officers testified against him Come and find out how this happened.

Join us and learn about the launch of Operation Shield in Haringey! Operation Shield is the Mayors attempt to bring American style policing to London and they have decided to pilot it in Tottenham first. Come and find out what it is and why Tottenham.

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