Who is Digital Niyabinghi?
Digital Niya binghi is an outfit of Jungle Dub selectors and producers. ‘Niyabinghi’ is the heart beat of all music, old and new and we fully embrace the spirit of Niyabinghi within our music genre – ‘Jungle Dub’.

As we live in the era of modern technology, we feel that the name ‘Digital Niya binghi’ emphasizes the fact that we are keeping the spirit of ‘Niyabinghi’ and the culture of Reggae music alive in the digital era and also as a way for us to remember and pay tribute to our musical ancestors.
What is Jungle Dub?
Jungle Dub is soundsystem music. Conscious Roots Dub melodies, heavy weight bass lines and subs mixed with Jungle breaks and steppers. We are not selling out. Our music is for the people, black, white, yellow, or brown.

[mixcloud width=”900″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” playlist=”true” ]http://www.mixcloud.com/housedem2/playlists/jungle-splash/[/mixcloud]

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